Join the Kitchen Table Revolution!

Time is the one thing you can't bottle and keep forever. 

It can feel overwhelming with where to start with foraging and getting creative with seasonal produce in the kitchen. There are so many things you can do.

You can start with the best intentions but often you simpley shut down and stick to creating the same ten recipes you know over and over again! 

So we created the Kitchen Table Revolution for families just like you. Where we join as an online community to preserve one seasonal or foraged ingredient a week from Wild Garlic Oil to Blackberry Cordial to Elderflower Gummy Bears. It is amazing how quickly your knowledge and confidence builds! 

The Kitchen Table Revolution will strengthen your family bonds as you spend time together in nature and the kitchen. While giving your children valuable life skills that will last a lifetime. 

'I thought foraging was just for hippies with to much time on their hands’ ‘ my only regret is not joining sooner’ Karen member of the Kitchen Table Revolution

 Join for 90 days for £47 ,which is less than the cost of a coffee and cake a week, and preserve with us once a week! 

What are you waiting for join us today and start your adventure.  

Weekly Forage and Preserving Live Teaches
A Recipe and Activity a Week
Award Winning Food and Craft Experts
Join in from around the word it is all Online

Why Join the Kitchen Table Revolution

Create your very own Goodies

Weekly expert led bite sized  teaches with all our online  festivals included in your membership from Wild Garlic to  Elderflower to Hedgerow, Halloween and Christmas Festivals

Make Memories

You will be dying to tell all your friends and family what you have been up to! From making your very own Wild Gorse Syrup to Wild Garlic Hunting to your Foraging Fairytales.

Experts on Hand to Help

The Tinklers are there to help you and your family create memories, get creative in the kitchen and are joined by handpicked experts to help you on your journey from creating your own sourdough to Kimchi.

Facebook Group

Connect with Like Minded Families in our Exclusive Facebook  community with weekly challenges and Pollen Points leaderboard. Get involved and feel inspired. 

The Kitchen Table Revolution 

It is a community of families who come together to learn how to preserve and make one thing a week. It really is that simple. We know overwhelm is what stops us learning so we want to make it as easy as possible. 

We often don't think we have time but let us break it down for you with a maximum of an hour a week! Explore the outdoors with our challenges and cosy up in the kitchen to create delicious treats. Ingnite childlike wonder and gain magical knowledge and understanding through exploration and play.

Our family-friendly recipes encourage children to find confidence in the kitchen and create tasty treats they can be truly proud of sometimes with a little mischief too like Truffle Sprouts! We also have some adult only ones like Sloe Gin and Elderflower Champagne.We all deserve a treat!

Wrap up for wintery walks, strip off for spring treasure hunts and summer seaweed adventures and run through leaves on autumnal spider hunts. Get outside with our outdoor activities, discover a new sense of wonder for frosty mornings; bright, fresh afternoons and clear moonlit nights. 

Our family focussed activities are perfect for little revolutionaries from 2-12 and their Parents and Grandparents with some adult recipes too.  Inspiring all of you to get outside and enjoy experimenting in the kitchen with our bite-sized recipes, crafts and activities. 

It doesn’t matter if you live in the middle of a city or out in the country there is so much to find everywhere. One of our favourite places is Burgess Park near the Old Kent Road in London. It's amazing how much there is! Or now we are based in Whitstable where we have sea and countryside at our fingertips.

Now is the perfect time to join as we start to see signs of spring around us from snowdrops to wild garlic. It helps our mindsight to get outside and it is honestly so exciting to watch your weekly makes build on your Kitchen Table Revolution shelf.

"Imogen and Duncan aren't your average foragers and chefs. They are funny, make it real and I feel part of their family. They make me feel human as they don't pretend to be perfect. We love their challenges and make so many memories. Our only regret is not finding them sooner "

PR Consultant and Mum to two mini revolutionaries

Meet your Kitchen Table Revolution Experts

A Trio of Tinklers, the Amazing Alicia and Jublient Josh bring the Kitchen Table Revolution to you. Duncan, Imogen and Xanthe Tinker are a family of foragers with two best selling Foraging Fairytales books. They can often be heard as experts on BBC Radio and have been featured in everything from the Sun to the Metro to the Guardian to ITV news or on there very own Kitchen Table Radio Show. 
Duncan is a foraging chef who creates menus that blow people away. He has a keen knowledge of science and story, bringing it all to life and engaging children.

Imogen asks the questions we often feel too silly or scared to ask.She has had a passion for the outdoors and storytelling since childhood.

Alicia is a passionate sustainability expert who brings the outdoors to life. She has co-authored two best selling books with the Tinklers.

Josh is new to the team and brings his Indian cooking and allotment knowledges inspired by his Grandparents. 
Xanthe is four - who knows what she will ask or say but always entertains us! You will often her find her out foraging in her favourite costume - fox pirate.

Oh and don't forget Spartacas, their 17 year old rescue dog who will be joining them on their festive video forgaing treasure hunts.  

Oh and Athene who is 12 weeks old. She doesn't say much but she makes all the right noises. 


" My only regret is not doing this sooner! I thought I didn't have the time but it was so easy to become part of and I went on to join their membership group the Kitchen Table Revolution.”

Foster Carer and Mama to four mini Revolutionaries

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£22 per month
Learn to preserve one seasonal or foraged ingredient per month
One live teach a week
 Community group
Downloadable guides

90 Day Plan

£15 per month
Learn to preserve one seasonal or foraged ingredient per month
Access to online festivals
One live teach a week
Community group
Downloadable guides


£12.50 per month
Learn to preserve one seasonal or foraged ingredient per month
Signed Foraging Fairytale book
Access to online festivals
One live teach a week
Community group
Downloadable guides