The Virtual Jubilee Elderflower Festival Is Open!

Get outdoors on a Jubilee Elderflower  Adventure

Kids now spend twice as much time playing indoors than outdoors! With 3/4 of children spending more time indoors than prison inmates.  83% of children are  unable to recognise a bumble bee! 

To help you get outside this Summer and make the most of this green and pleasant land we have created the Virtual Jubilee Elderflower Festival. 

Virtual Jubilee Elderflower Festival 

Make the Elderflower cordial you've always dreamed of along with other yummy recipes like Elderflower Gummy bears.

Head outdoors with your family and make some Elderflower memories that will last a lifetime. 

Here is what you get when you sign up to the Virtual Jubilee Elderflower Festival

  • Learn how to forage Elderflower
  • Make a variety of delicious family-friendly recipes
  • Take part in a whole host of incredible outdoor activities with families across the UK and Ireland.

This is the perfect way to start foraging if you feel a bit nervous or never seem to find the time.  Get your children to put down their screens and have fun in nature and in the kitchen while making memories as a family.

11  Family Friendly Recipes
A Bumper Pack of Activities
Award Winning Food Experts
Do it in your own time 

Why our Elderflower Jubilee Festival

Create your very own Elderflower Jubilee Picnic

In your own time do our bite sized Summer challenges   leading up to a jubilant picnic 

Be Part of a Team

Take our quiz and find out if you are Team Flora the Fairy or Team Milo Mouse. 

It is a great way for children to feel part of something bigger! 

Interactive Activity Pack

A terrific, fun downloadable pack bursting with summer art templates, flowerpower recipes and creative ideas to get you outside and exploring.


Facebook Group

This is your community to inpire and connect with other families. Tag us and share any questions you have on instagram or Facebook. We are here to help!  

Elderflower Jubilee Festival

Celebrate the Jubilee with your very own Elderflower picnic  this Jubilee halfterm. Get your little ones to put down their screens and explore nature. Make Jubilee family memories to last a lifetime; from our Elderflower Gummy Bears to our Elderflower Custard Creams and our Commemorative Jubilee Bubbles (thats just for the adults), helping you build up to your Jubilee Elderflower Picnic. 

This Virtual Jubilee Elderflower Festival is a great way to encourage you all to have fun in your local environment. You will gain magical knowledge and understanding through exploration and play!

This is great for mini foragers from 2 - 12. Get them out there adventuring and cooking simple things; from Elderflower Jubilee Dressing  to understanding how to make cordial.  

The whole festival is online so you can do it in your own time, though you will have more fun if you join the community! Will you join Team Flora Fairy or Team Milo Mouse - join in from across the whole of the UK and Ireland or even the USA. 

"Imogen and Duncan aren't your average foragers and chefs. They are funny, make it real and I feel part of their family. They make me feel human as they don't pretend to be perfect. We love their challenges and make so many memories. Our only regret is not finding them sooner "

PR Consultant and Mum to two little ones.  

How the Virtual Elderflower Jubilee  Festival Works

You will choose your team - will it be Team Flora Fairy - brave, playful and kind or will it be Team Milo Mouse - Mischievious, Curious and Friendly! Throughout the festival you will be able to win points for your team! Who will win? 

You will receive your Elderflower Jubilee Festival Welcome pack, with how to ID your Elderflower,  Your Activity Pack and Recipe Pack to download, brimming with Fairy approved activities from Bug Hotel Building, to Butterflying Searching and Flower Crown making. 

You can create each summer dish as quickly or as slowly as you like. Each exciting recipe is designed to ignite your childs imagination and we promise it won't cause carnage in the kitchen!  It will  get them trying new flavours too. 

Your children will be delighted at the flavours they conjour up and you will be in awe of their smiling faces. Create memories that last a lifetime and spark curiosity for the natural world. 

We will have a Virtual Elderflower Jubilee celebration picnic at the end and to crown the winning team! 

All of this for only £7! 

At Bangers and Balls we like to be inclusive so if you can't afford it but want to take part - just send us a message. No one else needs to know. 



“Thank you so much, we’ve had the most amazing time at the  Festival, the videos have made us so happy too. We’ve had a few unplanned foraging moments, where we’ve emptied our water bottles on our bike rides to fill it with foraging delights. We’ve enjoyed the cordial, rosehip custard with some blackberry crumble, plus this morning we made the most delicious elderberry, blackberry basil yoghurt but swapped the toast for pancakes! Thank you again from the covey of Partridges - we also found some shark teeth fossils this week.”

Marketing Expert and Mama to two little ones.

Meet your Virtual Jubilee Elderflower Experts

A Tribe of Tinklers and Jublient Josh bring the Elderflower Festival to life. Duncan, Imogen, Xanthe and Athene Tinkler are a family of foragers who have written three best selling Foraging Fairytales books. They can often be heard as experts on BBC Radio, in National Press including the Guardian, The i, The Sun or working in their local community.
Duncan is a foraging chef who creates menus that blow people away. He has a keen knowledge of science and story, bringing it all to life and engaging children.

Imogen asks the questions we often feel too silly or scared to ask. She has had a passion for the outdoors and storytelling since childhood..

Josh is a keen gardener who brings flavour fusions to the table as well as his inspiring photography that brings the outdoors to life.
Xanthe is four - who knows what she will ask or say but she always entertains us! You will often her find her out foraging in her favourite costume - fox pirate 

Athene is six months old and loves the rustling noise and smells of the great outdoors.


" My only regret is not doing this sooner! I thought I didn't have the time but it was so easy to become part of and I went on to join their membership group the Kitchen Table Revolution.”

Foster Carer and Mama to six little bears.

Join our Virtual Jubilee Elderflower Festival Today

Join today to create memories that last a lifetime with your family

Make your very own Elderflower Jubilee Picnic at your own pace! 

Make ElderflowerSeason 2022 one to remember! Join our Elderflower Festival

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