Break the Spell of the Screen and get Outdoors on our Terror-ific Halloween Adventure.

A bone chilling fact is that 3/4 of children spend more time indoors than prison inmates. This is detrimental to their physical and mental wellbeing; we don't want to raise a generation of Vampires!

Yet, there is a simple solution, heading outdoors for as little as 20 minutes three times a week improves mental health for all young and old Witches and Warlocks alike. 

We have created the Halloween Food Fright Festival  - perfect for all your little ghouls this Half Term. 

9  Child Friendly Recipes
A Bumper Pack of Activities
4 Food and Craft Experts
23rd - 31st of October Online

Why our Halloween Food Fright   Festival?

Create your very own Fright Night Feast! 

Daily expert led bite sized spooky challenges over half term leading up to Halloween 

 Fairy stories and Ghoul  stories for Halloween. 

You and your kids will be dying to tell all your friends and family

Interactive Activity Pack

A frightfully fun downloadable pack bursting with spooktacular art templates, raucous recipes and creative ideas to get you outside and exploring.


Facebook Group

Exclusive Facebook  community with daily Q&As and Ghoul Points leaderboard. Get involved and feel inspired. 

Halloween Food Fright Festival

Inject some structure and fun into this Halloween Half Term. Get your ghouls to put down their screens and explore nature. Make autumnal family memories; from our slime tastic workshop to our spookalicious challenges, helping you build up to your Fright Night Feast this Halloween. 

This Halloween Festival is a great way to encourage you all to have fun in your local environment. You will gain magical knowledge and understanding through exploration and play!

This is great for mini monsters from 2 - 12. Get them out there adventuring and cooking simple bite size things; from Fortune Telling Pumpkin Bread to Zombie Fingers. 

The whole festival takes places online - join in from across the whole of the UK and Ireland or even the USA. 

"Imogen and Duncan aren't your average foragers and chefs. They are funny, make it real and I feel part of their family. They make me feel human as they don't pretend to be perfect. We love their challenges and make so many memories. Our only regret is not finding them sooner "

PR Consultant and Mum to two mini monsters. 

How the Food Fright Festival Works

You will receive your Halloween Festival Welcome pack to download the week before Halloween, brimming with Witch - approved activities from Halloween Hunting outfits, to Weird Word Searches and Creepy Colouring in.  

The Tinklers will go LIVE daily at 10am to help with your Chilling Challenge, in our dedicated Facebook Halloween Festival Group.

Each devilish dish will be crafted over two days! One day will be to identify and forage from the Hedgerow (or Farm Shop!) from Pumpkins to Apples or Damsons. The next you will create a fabulous recipe with them.  

Each exciting recipe is designed too ignite your childs imagination and we promise it won't cause carnage in the kitchen!  

Your children will be delighted at the magic they conjour and you will be in awe of their smiling faces. Create memories that last a lifetime and spark curiosity for the natural world. 

Book by Monday the 23rdof October to get all this for only £14. That is less than £2 a day!  

You can also choose to add on our best selling Hedgerow Festival Book for the promotional price of only £10 (normal RRP retail price for the book alone is £14.99) if booked by this Monday (17th)



“Thank you so much, we’ve had the most amazing time at the  Festival, the videos have made us so happy too. We’ve had a few unplanned foraging moments, where we’ve emptied our water bottles on our bike rides to fill it with foraging delights. We’ve enjoyed the cordial, rosehip custard with some blackberry crumble, plus this morning we made the most delicious elderberry, blackberry basil yoghurt but swapped the toast for pancakes! Thank you again from the covey of Partridges - we also found some shark teeth fossils this week.”

Marketing Expert and Mama to two ghouls.

Meet your Food Fright Festival Experts

A Troup of Tinklers bring the Halloween Festival to you. Duncan, Imogen, Xanthe  and AtheneTinker are a family of foragers with two best selling Foraging Fairytales books. They can often be heard as experts on BBC Radio or working in their local community.
Duncan is a foraging chef who creates menus that blow people away. He has a keen knowledge of science and story, bringing it all to life and engaging children.

Imogen asks the questions we often feel too silly or scared to ask.She has had a passion for the outdoors and storytelling since childhood.

Alicia is a passionate sustainability expert who brings the outdoors to life. She has co-authored two best selling books with the Tinklers.
Xanthe is four - who knows what she will ask or say but always entertains us! You will often her find her out foraging in her favourite costume - fox pirate.

Oh and don't forget Athene, their 11 month old will be joining them on their spooky video forgaing treasure hunts.  


" My only regret is not doing this sooner! I thought I didn't have the time but it was so easy to become part of and I went on to join their membership group the Kitchen Table Revolution.”

Foster Carer and Mama to four Ghouls.

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